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"Our guests kept commenting on how beautiful the music was! We really loved that you kindly adapted to our ceremony delay and followed the ceremony cues so well."

Festive Dinner
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"Essie did a wonderful job with the music at our wedding ceremony. She played beautifully, including a song she learned for us within weeks, and even adapted seamlessly to a slight delay due to rain! Essie’s music made our ceremony all that more meaningful. Our guests keep complimenting us on the music! Essie was also great to deal with as a vendor, with great communication."

Jessica & Dave, married  on June 9, 2023

" Essie was incredible to work with and created a beautiful ambiance to our wedding day. Thank you so much!" 

Vanessa & Will, married  on May 27, 2023

“Guests were really happy with the performance and she was professional and learned our songs and played them really well. Thank you!! You added the elegance to the wedding that we wanted.”

Alissa & Chris, married on September 30, 2022

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" Essie is incredibly talented and her selection of music impressed all our guests. I would highly recommend her!"

Tiered Wedding Cake
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 " Essie made our special day absolutely perfect! She is the upmost professional and an incredibly talented musician. Everyone loved listening to her play and were impressed by the vast variety of music she played."

"Thank you so much for making our day even more special. Your choice of music was perfect. All our guests were very impressed by your talent. Everyone kept coming up to us all night raving about how amazing you are. "

Tammy&Russ M., married  on September 10, 2022

 " Essie does exactly that - Precious Moments. Our parents celebrated their 30th anniversary and they danced the night away. We're grateful for her performance and energy."

"It was a delight to listen to the different songs, even if it was for a little bit. It got my parents to start dancing."

Alex B, celebrate his parents' wedding anniversary  on May 28, 2022

" Incredible performance! Thank you Essie for a memorable evening. Our 30th wedding anniversary was so very special, you are so talented!"

                                                                   Rachel and Paul 

Image by Scott Webb
Testimonial: Testimonial
Image by Jason Polychronopulos

"We loved having Essie at our wedding! She was incredibly easy to work with, responsive and worked to understand our style really well. Her performance was beautiful and everyone loved it! We would highly recommend working with her!"

Alex & Christian, married on April 16, 2022

" Everything was so wonderful! We had such great feedback from everyone about the music during our ceremony, they were all very impressed! The sound quality was fantastic and very well rehearsed. Thank you so much for helping to make our day so perfect! :) "

" Essie did an incredible job for our live violin ceremony music during our October wedding! She made the planning process so easy and was very good at communicating during the song selection and planning process. All of our guests were so extremely impressed with the quality of our ceremony music, we had such positive feedback! She played very modern songs and also some classics, there was really something for everyone. I remember hearing the music before walking down the aisle and knew our ceremony vision was becoming a reality. I highly recommend Precious Moment Violin Service and Essie for your wedding music. Thank you Essie!"

Erin & Nico, married on October 23, 2021

" Essie is an incredibly talented violinist with a wonderful repertoire. She was also able to learn 2 new songs that are dear to bride. Overall, her playing was just what the event needed. "


 Kate.S  celebrated her friends' marriage on September 27, 2021 

Wedding Table Setting
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I contacted Precious Moment for a song to be played for a surprise proposal. From start to finish Essie was extremely professional and incredibly talented. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her and I would refer her to anyone without hesitation. Looking forward to working with Precious Moment again in the near future! Thank you for all your hard work and making our proposal truly special!

                                                                            Angelo T., engaged on October 10, 2020

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

"Very accommodating to requests, excellent musician. Very professional, met all the needs i had, would highly recommend."


Jason S., engaged on February 29, 2020


Amazing cocktail hour! We really enjoyed your presence. My guests had nothing but positive reviews. So soothing and made our cocktail hour so elegant. We’re forever grateful for the memories. My guests loved the Disney songs !!!! Thank you so much !!!


Aimee & Brooker, married on August 14, 2021


Amazing cocktail hour! We really enjoyed your presence. My guests had nothing but positive reviews. So soothing and made our cocktail hour so elegant. We’re forever grateful for the memories. My guests loved the Disney songs !!!! Thank you so much !!!


Aimee & Brooker, married on August 14, 2021


" Amazing cocktail hour! We really enjoyed your presence. My guests had nothing but positive reviews. So soothing and made our cocktail hour so elegant. We’re forever grateful for the memories. My guests loved the Disney songs !!!! Thank you so much !!!" 


Aimee & Brooker, married on August 14, 2021

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work on this project!

Since we first connected on GigSalad and I learned about the work that you do, I was excited to have you on our team.  When I presented you the prelude, your enthusiasm to take on such a challenge meant a lot, considering how, back then, this project was very tentative.  Then when the time came, you put your heart and soul into it with the utmost professionalism...
The vicious speed you played on Sunday was INCREDIBLE!  It encapsulated so much intensity and relentless edge-of-your-seat energy!  I could imagine those horses very clearly.  So did others.
As part of the ensemble, you matched Marianne excellently.  I remember, in an Orchestration seminar, to be careful about harmonizing in thirds in the high ledger-lines.  You two sounded like silk at those moments, in every turn.  I am humbled and honoured to have worked with you and your dedicated talent."
Benjamin Sajo, Composer of the Great War Sextet,
                                                                        world premiered on November 9&10, 2019 

Testimonial: Image

"Amazing experience,

fantastic violinist

and great performance!"



Mat & Heather B, celebrate their parents' 50th wedding anniversary

in their backyard on August 31, 2019 

Testimonial: Image

"Thank you for the marvelous playing. You were just delightful and everyone  just loved it." 

"Ms. Liu played at our wedding reception and she is just amazing. The way she plays the violin with so much expression and enthusiasm. She had play 3 songs for the the evening and was absolutely divine!!!!!!"

Dev& Natasha, married on August 4, 2019 

Testimonial: Image

" Precious Moment Violin played the music we requested on our day so perfectly. In addition, she was very professional, well presented and answered all of my questions through the initial process. Overall, the music Precious Moment Violin played on our day went above and beyond our expectations. We were very happy with the service and she is extremely talented."



Nari&Aj, married on May 11, 2019

Testimonial: Testimonial

                                                  Celebrated an evening of "Inspiring Women 2018" with Ban Righ Foundation 

                                           @ Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts, Kingston ON, Oct 25, 2018

Testimonial: About Me

"Essie was incredible! She made our ceremony so special and unforgettable.


If you are looking for an elegant touch for your wedding - go with

Precious Moment!"


Jessica &Tyler C., married on Sept 15, 2018 

Testimonial: Testimonial
Testimonial: Testimonial

"Our performer Essie Liu was great. She worked around our time when everything was getting pushed back. She was very sweet about it all and played pieces for us. Her timing was impeccable and she was very polite. I would hire her again for future events :)"

Judy-Lynn P.,  celebrated her mother's birthday on June 23, 2018


"Everything was wonderful.

The music was fantastic!"

Jennifer G., Event Coordinator, Ottawa Mission Charity Reception, June 21, 2018

Testimonial: Testimonial

“Our wedding was made so much more special by the elegant music provided by Precious Moment Violin Service. Essie made it easy to coordinate our song selection and was so well organized that day. We are so appreciative of the beautiful music that was a part of our day.”


          Cassandra & Gino, married on May 12, 2018

Testimonial: Testimonial
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“Just a word to thank you for your contribution in making our family Christmas party a success. Our guests enjoyed your music and presence. You created just the right atmosphere and made this a moment they will all remember.

We appreciate it very much”

Richard & Huguette P. , Christmas Party on December 24, 2017

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Testimonial: Welcome

"It was the cherry on top to our ceremony!"

Julie&Vince B., married on Aug 11, 2017

"Essie was great to work with and so full of talent!!! Fast communication and provided such a wonderful ambiance for our wedding. We received a lot of compliments after about how great she was. I would recommend Essie to anyone!!"

Testimonial: Welcome

"Essie gave us a beautiful night of music for our anniversary. We loved every moment. She's a wonderful artist, and her professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with....the privilege of having such beautiful music in our home, the program, the artistry, the 'bonus' songs and her warmth as a person."


                                                                     Joel & Olga S, Wedding Anniversary on Aug 16, 2017

Testimonial: Testimonial

“Precious Moment was a big part in the wedding proposal I did in downtown Toronto. Very flexible. Just 2 days before the proposal, I was calling from Switzerland and could discuss with her when and where she could play our song in Toronto. Also that she wrote the proposal on the board (with light), was sooo nice. The proposal itself, she was playing "hi there delilah"...soo good! At the proposal itself, everything was perfect and as planned. THANKS SO MUCH, NEVER FORGET THAT!”

Benjamin G., engaged on October 9, 2016

Testimonial: Testimonial

Anna A., Golden Wedding celebrated on February 26, 2017: 

"Essie was professional and played beautifully! Our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary was even more special having the Violinist play during dinner. All the guests and family members really enjoyed having the music played while we ate dinner. The play list was perfect. We enjoyed everything! The professionalism and the instrument playing was excellent. Thank You Essie for a beautiful performance and for being so professional. Your Violin playing was perfect. Thank You for sharing your talent with us and making that day very special!”


“Essie played beautifully for our wedding ceremony and it was one of the highlights of our experience. She was so flexible with repertoire and open to our ideas all the while giving excellent suggestions. Her playing is musical and sensitive and her professional demeanor was excellent. She is lovely to work with and helped to make our special day that much more meaningful and memorable.”

Bethany Y., married on August 15, 2015

Testimonial: Testimonial
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