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What is your precious moment of 2016?

For people who want 2016 to end as quickly as possible, and who are debating about this attitude, I truly don't have my preference. There can always be a better year, a worsen year. I can hardly choose one word from the "good" and the "bad" to describe a year which is composed of thousands of descriptive moments.

For me, every past moment is a precious moment, because it is so unique that it happens in a certain place at a certain time which is never coming back. For a particular moment, we may want to put it into a box, label it, and leave it in our storage of memory. I think it is a healthy and inspiring work at the end of year, to check out all these boxes from our memory storage. Simply because those boxes are what made our past year rich and fulfilled, and may suggest us how to be ready for the next moment ahead .

Here are what I found from my storage:

-Teaching as a clinician at a violin festival

-Collaborating with amazing tap dancers on a stage

-Waving goodbye to the Rockies on the flight to Ontario

-Flipped the coin of "not riding" in front of the roller coaster at Disney World

-Writing for support to travel to Indonesia for the Asia Suzuki Conference and booked a last-minute flight

-Jamming with incredible fellow band people and speaking to the crowd of my story "Let me love you Toronto" at the open mic

-Being with the loved one at the Niagara Fall sky wheel where I once wept alone

-Launching the website of "Precious Moment Violin Service" at 1 am (which was on my 2016,2015,2014,2013.. wish list)


There are some repetitive moments in my year where I always feel happy, touched and fulfilled. Different stories, different couples, different locations, but me with the same violin:

-She said "yes!"

-"..,to announce you as husband and wife."

These moments made me choose what I do- helping make it happen, being part of others' precious moment simply made my most precious moment where I see the beauty and magic of music and people.

What is your precious moment of 2016? Comment below or PM me. I look forward to reading your story.

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