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Music in Action with TwoSet Violin

Recently, I drove to Montreal to attend TwoSet Violin's World Tour.

Words can’t describe how grateful and amazed I was to be one of those who could witness TwoSet’s mind-blowing ways of interpreting and converting traditional concert repertoires into games, comedy, and educational moments. Back in April when I decided to purchase the VIP ticket, I reminded myself that not only am I taking the opportunity to interact with my idols in the preshow, but also fulfilling an important mission: "Musicians supporting musicians."

Musicians know how arduous it is to land and thrive in this career path, and that talent deserves to be rewarded. This is especially the case for content creators such as TwoSet who have been leading the charge with their unique style of showmanship to attract new audiences to classical music. However, musicians also tend to forego concerts. When music becomes a profession, when life is just that bit more difficult, when the pandemic hit, I caught myself avoiding live shows unless they were work related. I was occupied with my daily tasks and gigs, and lost touch with the stage as a listener.

I hadn't felt the audience's pulse for so long. I had missed it so.

So here I have:

Organized a field trip from Ottawa to Montreal with some of my violin students.

Laughed so hard at Eddy & Brett's unscripted humor.

Been mesmerized by the harmony of two incredible violins.

Shouted aloud with fellow TwoSetters "Oui Oui Pratiquer!" at the end of the show, in awe of the magnificent glow of the sea of flashlights lighting up the concert hall.

I could technically achieve the same goals of laughter and music appreciation via free videos on multiple social media platforms. But then I would not have been part of the beating heart that was that hall made of dreamers, led by the performers. And every moment among them and every sound in the air has energized and inspired me more than I could have imagined.

# Live music rocks.

# Musicians supporting musicians.


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