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Never too early, never too late.

As Ottawa returned to the Modified Stage Two, all weddings were put on the new restrictions, effective Tuesday, October 13 at 12:01 am.

I felt lucky for my clients who got married 36hours before the updated measures applied. Meanwhile, I felt unfortunate for the couples who did not catch the last train before the winter comes.

Nobody knows about the new regulation until it was announced last Friday, including my lucky clients who scheduled the wedding date a long time ago.

This unprecedented time validated many things that I was hesitated about.

When should I....?

Is it too late now that I....?

Is it too early if I....?

From daily errands to life decisions, timing has been a constant question that we ask ourselves. Why?

Because we do not want to feel disappointed.

Because we worry things may not go as well as what we expect.

Because we doubt the capability.

Because we are scared.

In other words,

Because we want to feel relieved.

Because we understand that there might be a (huge) gap between the dream and reality.

Because we strive for the perfection.

Because we are serious.

But who knows the outcome until we do it?

Who knows it's right or wrong until time proves it?

Perhaps there is even no right or wrong, but your choice to experience it or not at a certain moment.

In terms of decision to act, a lot of "When to do" became "Yes now or never". Action is such a powerful force that transforms this moment into future moment. It has the greatest potential to turn fear and doubt into relief and belief.

Now you see my Happy Dance pose from the photo taken last weekend at a wedding ceremony. You probably don't know how much inner battle I was making in regards to whether or not to pose like that in public, should I wait for a formal photoshoot session, when is a more appropriate time to show that I enjoy myself at work.....

Guess what, this photo turned out to be the BEST photo that I ever had so far from all my working events this year. Maybe it is also the last photo from an outdoor wedding in this fleeting 2020. I loved so much about it as it "sealed off" a short outdoor wedding season with an expression that reveals my attitude towards the season, the year and even life. I loved it even more now because it later inspired me to write a blog article which is unconsciously overdue.

It's never too late. It's never too early. Take actions this moment. It is simply precious.


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