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In sickness and variables

Recently I played at a wedding which was originally scheduled for 2020. The request came all the way from Silicon Valley. As always, there were moments during the ceremony which brought me tears. But this time, I also burst into laughter with the crowd when the tech couple repeated their special vow: "In sickness and variables".

I thought it was a brilliant tech joke, but I later realized it is not a joke; It is love, in words and actions.

Throughout this pandemic, I have witnessed the separation as well as bonding of couples around me. Some got engaged, some cancelled their wedding, some are still figuring things out... Every decision was made after testing through sickness and variables.

I feel so happy for my clients who made it through the rigors of those years. I also feel thankful for being part of their special wedding journey, which has inspired me to better understand the underlying program of a love that works:

It always returns "true", whichever variables you pass.


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