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Celebrating the Year of Rooster in the Twin City of My Hometown

Join me this Sunday around 1:30-2pm at the Vaughan City Hall for the celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Note from the councilor:

I will, of course bring the taste of Butterfly Concerto as requested, along with some other amazing Chinese Folk and Pop tunes. Yes! The pop has to be written by Jay Chou, the superstar I was crazy about from my late childhood throughout teen years. I admired his music and spirits more later as I grew up, especially when he initiated a composition style in pop music called "Chinese Style." (中國風)

I was actually very surprised to find that I am living in the twin city of my hometown. The councilor reminded me of the days when I was writing invitations for my first fundraising concert in Canada as an exchange student. One of the invitations went to a councilor of the twin city of my hometown. Honestly, I did not keep the name of Vaughan because I was bad at foreign names and now I felt it was a century ago! Apparently I had no idea even when I relocated to the community, until the new councilor reminded me the fact. At that time, I was just very delighted to find there was an Ontario twin city of Yangzhou, so I wrote a letter to fulfill the mission as a cultural ambassador, regardless of the distance to where the event was.

Now I am here, minutes away from the Vaughan City Hall but thousands miles away from my home. Bring your families and friends to this free community event. A homesick-to-be musician will share with you her precious moment.

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