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City of Stars

This Violin Cover is dedicated to my love, who made everything possible but love.

It was a beautiful scene when you saw your loved one off to his city of dreams. It was another beautiful scene to finally come to the city where you two planned to move together.

It looks beautiful, but how does it feel?

I was feeling in this huge, dreamy concert hall at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music- An empty hall full of my hearts, where I realized the only audience member was not there anymore.

Love can absolutely coexist with dreams and long-distance. However, once love is doubted/controlled, all the outside factors would hurry to kill it as if there was not really such a thing called love.

What is a precious moment? It is the present. When you are with a person, you feel and cherish that moment without worrying that it will go quickly and demanding that it should stay forever. Because, love will gradually disappear when your focus is either in the past or future.

I still want to thank the person who inspired me with all the understanding about precious moment and love, who stimulated my courage and spirit to stand in this concert hall, and who once watched the La La Land by my side.

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