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Why Give? (in the month of giving)

Whether or not you hate the overwhelming fundraising projects and campaigns around this time of year, December is meant to be the month of giving.

December, also the birth month of Precious Moment Violin Service, so is a month for reflections on growth and giving.

Let's forget about the religious spirits which stimulates all the good causes/beautiful commercial ideas. Why do we give as a human being?

There are probably a thousand different answers, and there are also no right or wrong answers. You can give even for no reason.

Personally, I consider giving as a manner of connection from the self to the world. Sometimes, you give, and then you realize who you are and what the world is about. Sometimes, you already know what values you have and what the world needs, and you give. Then something magic happens: you are happy, the world around you is happy- because you two immediately connects on an emotional level at the moment of giving.

Whether it is to make a better self, or a better world, it is always for something good. Some people may feel vulnerable or losing in front of giving. Of course, if they give from a mindset of scarcity, an expectation of return that can't be directly exchanged by the act of giving.

I would love to share the following two quotes in my spiritual growth:

"I always have enough."

"Surviving is important; Thriving is elegant."

To me, giving makes me feel enough- I have enough to offer to the world and to support myself: my empathy, courage, skills and talents. Giving is also a fascinating pathway to thriving, By giving, I understand how certain things work, I challenge my comfort zone, I make an impact on other people, I feel so connected to my passion and dream.

I came to this realization through year-round personal engagement with my amazing communities. A quick glimpse of service giving in 2018, mostly in full:

Ottawa Chinese Community Service Center Ban Righ Women's Foundation Ottawa Mission

Ottawa Chamber Orchestra National Capital Suzuki School of Music

Insight Society Canada ........

By giving, what I received is more than an appreciation from others. By giving, I also learned to show appreciation to myself, an appreciation that we tend to ignore. I appreciate myself to be authentic, to be able to dare greatly and to live beautifully.

This blog is titled "Why Give? (in the month of giving)". I made a bracket on purpose as I don't believe that giving should only be suggested/emphasized in the last month of the year because there is no more chance left to give for that year, or because a certain religious holiday said so.

Remember, giving is not just about money, goods, time, service; it can also be affection, belief, comfort, reassurance, commitment, anything small/big that comes from your heart and that will travel to another heart.

Why give? Find your own reason, and give at a precious moment that feels right.

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