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A thank-you to the La La Land

Today is the Thanks-giving in the US. Can't find a better day to post this- the live recording of my arrangement "Mia& Sebastian's Theme" as the encore piece at my concert "In the Name of Jazz".

Two years ago, this piece was born, with the name of "BE the theme".

Two years later, this piece was performed, in the name of Jazz.

When I looked back at "City of Stars" ,my other violin cover from the same movie, I am simply smiling -an expression that I had never imagined when it was created. Time is the best gift, to really understand a movie, to walk out of a movie, and to live a new movie of yourself.

Wherever life takes you, remember, you are always the writer, director, actress/actor, editor, and sometimes even the audience of your own movie. To laugh, to cry, to be brave, to feel small, to conquer - it all depends on you.

I am grateful today to write down these reflections on a day full of gratitude, to a land that has taught me so much, for whomever has watched this movie by my side.

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